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Anouk Luria

The Stardust Elves

The Stardust Elves

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The Stardust Elves is an illustrated book of poems for parents and children. With 18 moving poems and stunning illustrations, the book takes grown-ups and their loved little ones on a poetic journey of wonder. It is a timeless book that looks like a work of art and can be cherished forever. The gold-foil-embossed hard cover book comes in large format:  8.66 x 11.81 inches (22 x 30cm).

The Stardust Elves reflects spaces of joy and connection, and touches upon something intimate, yet universal—a longing for acceptance, love and belonging. It is also a story on the beauty of seeing our most concealed shadows and softly, lovingly leading them out into the light. It is this love for our wounded places, which often have their roots in childhood, that allows us to view our own children through the lens of joy and compassion.

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