Seaside: My World in 100 Words

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Shell, wave, starfish, crab, ball, bucket, spade, hat… introduce your little ones to the words they'll encounter all around them at the seaside.

Seaside: My World in 100 Words introduces a range of different scenes and objects. With bold colours and a silky-feel cover that add visual and tactile interest, this fun book inspires a deeper knowledge of the world, introduces language skills and supports emotional intelligence.

From things to take to the beach—hat, beach ball, sun cream, towell, spade—to foods we might eat—sandwiches, lolly, apple, banana, ice cream—to creatures we might see—turtle, octopus, whale, seagull, dolphin, fish, seahorse—this title covers all the words which young children might encounter at the beach.

As well as objects and creatures, the book contains feeling words, like 'happy' and 'excited', as well as actions like 'waving' and 'splashing' or qualities like 'wet' or 'helpful'.

Different types of world are given a different color code to help differentiate them and to help kids identify the different kinds of word!

An original, contemporary take on teaching first words, the My World in 100 Words series of board books helps children ages 1–3 boost vocabulary, engage with the world around them and become familiar with specific subjects. With bright, playful illustrations from Sophie Beer, each book explores a different theme, including starting nursery, the home and the seaside. With 10 words per page and variation between full scenes and visual lists, there’s plenty for children to look at and enjoy.

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