Dinosaur Adventures Stay-On Baby Shoes

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Are your little one's feet too wiggly to keep socks on? No problem! These boutique soft sole shoes are the perfect solution to keeping those precious feet warm and protected. With a fully adjustable ankle elastic, not only are these shoes easy to slip on, but they actually stay on those wiggly feet!

This listing features one pair of boutique soft sole baby shoes in 100% cotton. Perfect for a baby shower or first birthday gift - the baby can grow into these with ease.

  • The top and sides are made with 100% cotton.
  • Soles either matching cotton (size 0-6m) or anti-slip rubber sole (size 6m+).
  • Fully fleece-lined inner sole keeps baby's feet extra comfy and cozy.
  • Fully adjustable around the ankle. Simply find the elastic knot that is hidden behind the slits in the front, untie & retie to adjust.

Size: 9-12M

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