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Broccoli's Big Day!

Broccoli's Big Day!

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Broccoli's Big Day! is a funny and light-hearted tale that's full of delightful, laugh-out-loud story of friendship, humility and vegetables, which kids of all ages will love!

It's nearly time for the Annual Vegetable Awards and all the vegetables gather to discuss who deserves to be nominated. Unassuming Broccoli feels she lives a very normal life  but decides to go along as best friend Carrot—with the amazing hair—will be there. Broccoli is quiet while the other vegetables begin to bicker about who is the best.

Slowly it emerges that Broccoli is actually incredibly brave and kind, and a very special vegetable.

Featuring a grumpy aubergine, an arrogant potato, and many more veggie characters this amusing tale highlights how special we all are in our own way.

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