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Assorted Fruits + Veggies


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Role play as a little chef and practice making your favorite dishes! Children can let their imaginations run wild in the kitchen with the Assorted Fruit & Vegetable Set.  This set consists of 7 colorful rubberwood pieces that are pigmented with water-based and natural dyes that are free from harmful chemicals. Softened edges leave each piece child-friendly and safe for free play. With an Apple, Pear, Orange, Banana, Cucumber, Mushroom, and Carrot for ingredients little ones can use the included cooking utensils and tray to prepare dinner for the whole family! Each piece is suited with velcro so kids can chop fruits and vegetables into pieces like they would in a real-life kitchen. After cutting kids can assemble the fruits and veggies back together and make something new. The Fruit & Vegetable play set helps strengthen fine and gross motor skills while also enhancing creative thinking and hand-eye coordination.  Suitable for children 2 years and older.